Education on Niue is free and compulsory between the ages of six and 14. All schools are owned and staffed by the Niue Government. There are seven Niuean primary schools and one post-primary school – the Niue High School just outside Alofi–which caters for selected pupils from Form 3 to Form 5 level. The Director of Education has a staff of approximately 100 teachers. School rolls at March 1965 totalled 1,574. The primary school curriculum is based broadly on the New Zealand curriculum but special emphasis is placed on agriculture, woodwork, sewing, weaving, health, and Niuean language and culture. English reading is introduced in the children’s third year at school and, by the final two years at primary school, all teaching is in English.

The high school has five academic classes plus a special “homebuilders” class specialising in sewing, cookery, mothercraft, agriculture, and carpentry. Brighter high school students are selected to attend New Zealand high schools under the New Zealand Government Training Scheme. (In 1965 41 Niuean students were studying in New Zealand under this scheme.)

The Secondary school, Niue High School, has 26 teaching and 6 support staff. There are also just over 200 secondary students who begin high school at Year 7 level, about age 11, and continue to Year 13, about age 18.

Niue follows the New Zealand Curriculum from Early Childhood Education (ECE) to Year 13. ECE is for children aged 3–4 years, Primary Education is for ages 5–10 (Years 1–6) and Secondary Education is for ages 11–18 (Years 7–13).

Education is compulsory between the ages of 5 to 15. Education is largely free. There are no primary or secondary school fees and transport to and from school is paid for by the Niue Government. Parents are also provided with a quarterly child allowance to cover the cost of school uniforms and other education expenses.

Niuean students are taught in their native language until Year 4, when the language of instruction becomes English. Students can, however, undertake Niuean as a language subject in secondary school.